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“People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing. A leader's job is to help people have vision of their potential.”
                           John Porter

Job Opportunities

TDI Global is a multinational performance management company that helps position public and private organizations to achieve sustainable high performance. Our Executive Placement service adopts a new approach that puts the "right people on the right job". This complements our drive to building sustainable high performance organizations.

Please note that the details of our clients' information, the application deadline and our application processing procedures are specified in each job link.


My3D LearnTech

Job Description

The ideal candidate is an experienced marketer who excels at influencing cross-functional decision makers and has track record in closing large volume sales quickly.


Must have: 

  • Strong experience in sourcing, managing, and executing sales process.
  • Proven history of growing revenue through intangible product sales.
  • Situational fluency, ability to influence & motivate people and the perseverance to handle challenging business situations.
  • a "can do" attitude, be a self-starter with high self-motivation.
  • Demonstrated skill as an expert storyteller on product/service value.
  • Analytical skills with an ability to translate metrics into actions for product impact measurement and improvement of sales effectiveness.
  • Outstanding written/oral communication skills, ability to write winning proposals and excellent online presentation skills with people-facing habits.


You must possess the ability to: 

  • Sell to corporates - get employers to invest on their employees acquiring certain relevant skills.
  • Successfully demonstrate to employers that the corresponding certification on our program equates to their required skills.
  • Successfully use technology to deliver the above messages to key employer decision-makers.
  • Measure/evaluate the performance impact the employers get at the end of a certain certification program.
  • Work with the digital team to create and deliver compelling intangible product marketing content across various mediums (incl. videos and online webinars).
  • Research, analyze and communicate to decision makers findings and needs for portfolio growth.
  • Create cohesive cross-channel customer experiences and successes.

Competitive within Learning Technology industry

Additional Info:
Qualified applicants should click on the apply button below. Application deadline is April 1st, 2021. Applications will be processed on first come first served basis.

My3D LearnTech

Job Description

We are a top-rated digital learning and technology multinational institution with clients across the globe.

As part of our market expansion strategy, we are recruiting a very experienced Outbound/Inbound Sales Manager with hands-on experience from a top-performance environment.


You are passionate about achievement, excited about selling and have the mind, will and proven capacity to exceed targets.

You are an enthusiastic, self-starter person with a passion for selling is responsible for converting a massive amount of leads into appointments through personalized follow-up.

You will own all leads and actively systematize the conversion process for maximum effectiveness. This person has the drive and tenacity to achieve and exceed set growth target, appointment targets, and revenue targets while responding efficiently to customer needs/inquiries (usually in the form of sales leads) and carry out necessary documentation, assignment, and follow up of the leads.

  • You must have experience converting large volume of leads to significant sales.
  • Daily digital and phone prospecting and follow up for new business opportunities.
  • Cultivate relationships to convert inbound leads to appointments and then to actual sales.
  • Achieve growth targets, appointment targets, and revenue targets.
  • Maintaining healthy database of prospects and clients and manage the CRM software.
  • You are a "No Lead Attrition" Performer.

  • 5+ years managerial experience in a high-performance environment.
  • 3+ years of experience managing outbound/inbound in a digital products and target-driven carrying environment.
  • Exceptional leadership skills that leverage the strength of the team and the company to achieve success and execution.
  • Enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, optimistic, confident and resilient.
  • Skilled in all aspects of the sales cycle - comfortable prospecting and closing deals from lead generation.
  • Experience analyzing monthly and weekly sales trends based on reports, metrics, KPI's, and creating meaningful changes to affect positive results.
  • Experience hiring and training new sales people.
  • Track record of leading by example.
  • Working knowledge of Salesforce and CRM software.
  • Experience selling into the learning and development space is required.
  • Excellent with internet sales and business development tools, strategies and methods.
  • Based on your initial individual performance, you will earn the right to hire into your team.

  • As the Outbound/Inbound Sales Manager, you will elevate the team to new heights in achieving monthly revenue targets while creating an environment that fosters across board top-performance. You will be responsible for identifying business opportunities and implementing the right solutions.
  • Manage database of leads to ensure processes run smoothly and there is rigorous lead follow-up.
  • Excellent user of CRM software.
  • Work with prospects tightly to avoid their attrition or developing cold-feet.
  • Accurately track and report productivity and sales metrics.
  • You will be part of a high-performance team with very decisive mind, principle-governed, shared leadership and quick and yet logical decision making.

Competitive within Learning Technology industry

Additional Info:
Qualified applicants should click on the apply button below. Application deadline is April 1st, 2021. Applications will be processed on first come first served basis.

My3D LearnTech

Job Description

Set Sales Direction

  • Develop and implement strategies to grow the organization’s presence in emerging markets.
  • Together with the team, develop the overall engagement strategy for proposal development, pitches and bidding.

Revenue generation

  • You will be in charge of all revenue streams in your focus segment, ensure given targets are met and be responsible for growing revenue in your segment.
  • Must have comfort, sectoral expertise and extensive experience selling training within any of the following sectors:
  1. Corporate Partners (B2B) & Their employees
  2. Retail/personalized (B2C) Sales to Professionals and other individuals in different sectors of the economy.
  3. Students, Educational Stakeholders, Multilaterals/Development Partners, SMEs and Unemployed Graduates/Artisans
  • Develop Sales pipeline: Develop sales plan that will generate revenue for all company’s training service offerings and ensure targets are met.
  • Have a clear process for sales, marketing resourcefulness and partner ecosystem
  • Present and convey a high level of knowledge of potential clients and how our solutions can address their needs.
  • Actively drive and manage the solution evaluation stage of the sales process.
  • Network to develop business relationships that will grow the business and stay in touch with industry changes.
  • Selling within Partner Ecosystem - Ability to sell through the partner ecosystem
  • Reliable experience to drive business across partner ecosystem comfortably
  • Relationship and Partnership management experience

Proposal Development

  • Create and author proposals based on conducted needs analysis.
  • Ownership and maintenance of client and proposals repository.
  • Central point of contact for notification and pipeline management of all priority proposals and actively follow up on leads.


Experience, qualifications and other requirements specific to the role

  • 7-10 years’ experience selling training solutions, including digital training solutions, across all sectors and corporate organizations (financial institutions, oil & gas, communication sector, hospitality, IT, public sector, education, social sector, etc.)
  • Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree may be an advantage, from a reputable University;
  • Minimum 7+ years’ experience in sales, business development and marketing;
  • Demonstrate strategic and deep experience of employer brand management and ability to uncover and drive old/new opportunities;
  • Experience leading people, communications across a geography with proven and demonstrable results;
  • Strategic and conceptual thinker with proven results;
  • Ability to use reporting tools including CRM – cloud and non-cloud, excel tools, etc.
  • Leverage social media platforms including digital marketing skills
  • Matured, resourceful and speaks at least one local Nigerian language, and
  • Ability to work in a team-oriented, highly collaborative open environment.


  • Business Development Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Achieve agreed targets
  • Develop Sales pipeline
  • Have a clear process for achieving sales and marketing resourcefulness 
  • Selling within Partner Ecosystem
  • Assist in the delivery of product solutions to meet the needs of prospects and customers.
  • Strengthen company’s brand and raise its profile in the ‘marketplace’ making it a consistent brand experience for all new and olf clients.
  • Relationship Management

Competitive within Learning Technology industry

Additional Info:
Qualified applicants should click on the apply button below. Application deadline is April 1st, 2021. Applications will be processed on first come first served basis.

Job Description

Are you a brilliant unemployed graduate with First-Class or Upper Second Class honours in any discipline from a reputable University?

Then you could qualify for this select exciting track that equips you with WORKPLACE SKILLS and then launches you into a dream job. SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED!

Applications will be considered on First Come First Served Basis.

A 2016 survey by African Development Jobs for Youth indicated that while 12 million graduates enter the job market every year, only 3.1 million jobs are created annually, therefore leaving vast number of the youth jobless.

Employers cite the gap between the skills Academia is producing and the skills industry is requiring as key reasons they are not creating enough  Entry-level roles.

This Workplace Skills Development Program (WSDP) fills the skills GAP between Academia and Industry and builds Trainee's skills in: 

- Critical, Analytical & Strategic Thinking & Reasoning; Effective Leadership, Competency Category, Behaviours and character for the workplace, and Business & Sectorial Category. You will also learn transformational strategies that motivate private sector and civil society organizations to create jobs for the youth. -

Graduating from this WSDP...

  • You should enjoy being challenged. You will be good at absorbing information, analyzing problems and coming up with ideas. You will have the drive, confidence and resilience to get things done.
  • We’ll give you training, support and guidance to develop your potential. We will team you up with some of our most accomplished problem-solvers – dynamic innovators, helping us to deliver better energy solutions.
  • Capacity:  You will be able to demonstrate intellectual, analytical and creative ability to learn quickly, identify issues and propose solutions. You reach informed conclusions through broad thinking? Work with incomplete or conflicting data and take well-calculated risks? Have you ever identified new ways of doing things based on an analysis of current conditions, data and feedback?
  • Achievement: We prepare you towards becoming future leaders.
  • Relationships: Being able to work effectively as part of a diverse team and form mutually beneficial, long-term working relationships will be essential.



Send your cover letter and CV to:











  • Degree from reputable University.

  • Bachelors/Masters in any discipline.

  • First or Upper Second Class (Please indicate your class of graduation on your CV)

  • Can you recall situations where you’ve had to influence people by adapting your communication style?
  • What positions of responsibility have you held over the last four years while in University?
  • What exposure have you had to different environments and cultures?

  • You will learn as much as you can.
  • You will bring your skills to the workplace.
  • You will leverage our support to launch yourself into the workplace/job.


Additional Info:

Job Description

TDI Global is a leading multinational strategic management consulting company that helps organizations create alignment in their people, process and technology strategies. We deliver our services through multiple solutions that address business issues.


We now seek to bring on board highly experienced business process improvement experts. You will lead, analyze and identify business improvement opportunities in your specific area of expertise for our clients. You will develop a sustainable implementation framework and spearhead the implementation process. You will develop and implement effective performance measurement and management strategies that would be used to evaluate the success and strategic impact of your implementation.


You will work in teams with our other senior consultants.

This consulting opportunity is specifically designed for experienced Africans in Diaspora or Other Experienced Professionals Who Would like the Benefits of International Work Experience in Emerging Markets.

You must have over 10 years (post University degree) experience in a defined professional area with demonstrable track record of excellence and success in your field.

  • Degree in Business, Management Operations Management, Process Engineering, Mathematics, Engineering MBA.or equivalent.
  • Relevant certifications.
  • Extensive experience in process transformation/improvement in in your main area of expertise including but not limited to any of the following core areas: Engineering, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting, Strategy Development, Operations, Marketing/Sales, Information Technology, Data Mining, Project Management etc.
  • Ability to work on large projects
  • Lean, Six Sigma certification with at least 5 years  related experience will be an advantage
  • Solid understanding of process improvement methodologies in your area of expertise
  • Industry specific knowledge and experience will be expected
  • ITIL or CPIM certification will be an asset
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Strong business acumen, Passion for consulting career and excellent organizational skills. 
  • Demonstrated initiative with commitment and ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.
  • Ability to identify and extract appropriate data sets from various systems - proficient in designing, collecting and analyzing large data set.
  • Training in data mining is a great asset.
  • ERP experience is required, with Crystal Reports
  • Passion for continuous learning/personal development, team person, excellent customer service

  • Analyze and document client’s needs, objectives and expectations
  • Define the scope of processes to be optimized and establish specific objectives to be met
  • Develop and implement enhanced solutions based on “Lean” principles and business process transformation/optimisation.
  • Knowledge of techniques, IT strategies and tools for process mapping;
  • Identify process improvement areas.
  • Develop internationally acceptable optimization strategy and framework with demonstration of  the leading indicators for success.
  • Develop effective performance optimization processes.
  • Develop presentation packages and present analysis and findings to client’s  Senior Management.
  • Evaluate data management processes to ensure accuracy.
  • Collaborate with client’s departments to resolve client questions and issues.
  • Monitor performance to ensure goals and objectives are met and that results align with client’s expectations.
  • Produce analysis and forecast to justify sustainable process enhancements initiatives.
  • Provide quantitative data reflecting the scope and impact of the enhancement.
  • Super head necessary change management and implementation associated with process improvement.
  • Facilitate information sessions and implementation debrief and any other sessions necessary for an effective process improvement initiative.

These positions come with excellent compensation

Additional Info:

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