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TDI Global TM is the trading name for ‘Royal TDI Global’ TM Inc., a Canadian Company. Following the company’s international expansion, TDI Global TM became the registered operating name in the various nations the company operates.

The Vision of TDI Global (TDI) is to become an internationally top-rated firm in leadership, management and corporate governance, by engendering operational excellence in people and institutions, creating value for generations and instilling stewardship principles in the leadership.

TDI aims at helping public and private institutions achieve excellence in Leadership, Management and Corporate Governance. The company’s services are delivered through a number of vehicles including: ‘focused training’ TM, development of frameworks and models, implementation of management tools, and strategy design and execution.

TDI’s objective is to ensure that our clients achieve success in three main areas: Sustainable High Performance, Efficiency, and Competitive global best practices (SECTM).

TDI adopts a holistic approach in its service offerings. We access the organization, perform need analysis and address those needs by delivering encompassing solutions that help the organization attain high performance.

In our Leadership offerings, we work with the client’s senior executives to identify business gaps in the organization’s design and strategy, and proffer solutions focused on the right strategy and its execution. We help in creating sustainability by designing a holistic and integrated process that ensures the achievement of our client’s strategic goals and objectives and we embed this in a system that reflects good corporate citizenship and good corporate governance.

In our Corporate Governance focus, we work with leadership of organizations, the Board and government agencies to identify issues related to leadership, executive alignment, core values, process and organizational character. We identify gaps, design and implement governance models and frameworks that reflect a well adapted governance rules and principles. For instance, in TDI’s work for Not-for-Profit organizations in Canada, TDI developed a governance framework based on Canadian rules and principles. This process is adopted in developing models and frameworks used in other nations. We adapt International standards to local rules and principles. We also deliver QuadStrat tools (a suite of business and organization performance assessments that quickly pin point clients' best opportunities for strategic business improvement); QuadLead tools (a unique assessment that covers both Leadership Competence and Leadership Character and clearly identifies the attributes that will help an individual become a more effective leader) and QuadBoard tools (a board governance, best practice assessment).

TDI’s Strategic Management Services include:

  1. Strategy Design and Execution
  2. Enterprise Risk Management
  3. Key Performance Measurements and Management
  4. Resource Management

TDI’s Training and Development programs:

In each of our key areas (Leadership, Management and Corporate Governance), TDI delivers ‘‘focused training” TM that ensure that highly empowered, motivated and engaged employees deliver success to our clients. Traditional training programs around the globe seldom deliver programs that address regional, organizational or employee needs. However, the success of an organization’s strategy depends on the right personnel being at the right place. The word ‘right’ encompasses the skills, behavious, interests, competencies, motivation and reward expectations of employees.

TDI resolves the above problems by developing and delivering ‘‘focused training’ TM programs that put the ‘right people in the right place’ TM. Each regional office of TDI organizes training in association with TDI Canada. In this manner, local issues are escalated and resolved using international best practices that are adapted to local conditions. The result is an effective deployment of global best practices to local organizations.

TDI Canada also organizes trainings in association with other international institutions. This opens up opportunity for ‘foreign training’ to local/regional clients. In doing this, TDI Canada brings to the table the local experiences gained during its training association with local/regional TDI offices. Some heads of TDI’s regional offices are also involved in developing some of the international training modules. The result is that training programs that address specific regional/local needs are delivered at international level.

Executive Placement:

Depending on client’s needs, TDI’s Executive Placement services search and place the right experts on client’s systems while client’s personnel are being trained.

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