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Workplace Skills Development Program

Graduates unemployment has consistently been an issue in Ghana. The World Bank in its 2016 report on jobs in Ghana revealed that about 48% of the youth in the country, who are between 15-24 years, do not have jobs. Employers often cite skills gaps among graduates as key reason for their lean hiring and low job creation for entry level positions, leading to current significant unemployment of graduates in Ghana. This program will help close the skills gap.

This program will provide a world-class structured competency-based training that would equip the participants with workplace soft skills to make them more employable, enable them get jobs, avoid unemployment and improve their economic livelihood in a sustainable manner. The structured program will also become more attractive to employers and encourage them to create more entry jobs and hire more people.

Program will also help participants discover their entrepreneurial inclination and gain skills to develop it.


Programs are available as: 1. In-plant WSDP programs in companies. 2. WSDP in schools. 3. WSDP for Unemployed Graduates. 4. WSDP for Entrepreneurs. For more details, please contact: or call +233302771589 for more information.


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