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The success of any strategy rests on the people tasked with turning them into reality. Innovation in an organization is very dependent on the knowledge base of its employees. Some employees are hidden tigers, good proportion of their potentials is crude and needs to be extracted and refined to transform the employees into high success drivers. Traditional training programs are too standardized that they fail to meet these specific needs of the employees and thus fail to drive success for the employers.

TDI develops and delivers transformational ‘‘focused training’ TM programs that enhance the capabilities of employees, put the ‘right people at the right place’ TM, and thus ensure sustainable high performance for employers. Each regional office of TDI assesses employees of the organization to determine their skills gaps. The regional offices then organize training in association with TDI Canada, focused on the identified needs. With this approach, local issues are escalated and resolved using international best practices that are adapted to local conditions. The result is an effective deployment of global best practices to local organizations.

TDI Canada also organizes trainings in association with other international institutions. This creates opportunity for ‘foreign training’ to regional clients. In so doing, TDI brings to the table the local experiences gained during its training association with the regional offices. Thus training that addresses specific organizational\regional needs are delivered at international level.

TDI’s training programs focus on various areas of the organization: the Board, the Leadership, and the Management. Trainings are organized for heterogeneous groups from different organizations, homogenous group from one organization or personalized, to address specific needs of the leadership. Methodology is very interactive, enabling a warm and friendly environment for learning.

A training session typically features:

  • Well developed course materials, with clearly defined deliverables
  • Professional facilitators, with expert knowledge, from industry and academia
  • Case studies that re-enforce concepts
  • Video role plays that enhance learning
  • Ice breakers that motivate students to critically engage
  • Team networks that encourage brainstorming/transfer of concepts to workplace
  • Roundtable discussions that drive comments from participants
  • Evaluation process that provides feedback on the materials, facilitators and learning environment.

Leaders who say: “we are not here to train people”, miss the mark! The truth is that “if you don’t work, you don’t eat!” Poaching skilled people from other organizations could just mean hiring staff that would use you as a platform to enhance their marketability and in no time would leave you for higher pay. At the end the business suffers, as objectives are not achieved. The phrase ‘right people’ encompasses the skills, competencies, commitment, motivation and reward expectations of the employees. Effective organizations are moving to trusting and empowering people with skills, resources, information, tools and support to manage their own work processes and deliver unprecedented quality returns.

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