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TDI offers various organizational, functional and employee assessment tools that measure and manage performances. These tools help organizations evaluate their capabilities in Customer Service, Leadership, Hiring, Redeployment of employees, Training, and Process Management.

The growing challenge of Institutions is learning how to adjust strategies and internal operations to the rapidly changing business environment. The cyclical nature of global economic crises should act as a check to institutional leaders to prepare to wedge the devastating wars of global crises. The wounds of the 1999 global economic recession were yet to heal when the 2008 global financial crisis took its toll. Crises are inevitable, understanding the warning sign is crucial. Only sustainable operations can successfully navigate the footprints of these crises.

TDI helps organizations change the very nature of how they operate by aligning internal structures, processes, and systems to strategy, while adjusting to the demands of the external environment.

Many organizations, in spite of capable and well-intentioned people, fail to realize their potential because the structure, processes, and systems of the organization are barriers to efficiency. Our design process identifies the dysfunctional aspects of the workflow, procedures, systems, etc. and implements an efficient and responsive organizational design that facilitates outstanding results.

TDI helps clients to:

  • Verify the organization's strategy
  • Identify key business unit groupings
  • Map core business processes
  • Design core work teams
  • Review department boundaries and reorganize people into cross-functional business units and teams
  • Identify and allocate unit support resources
  • Design the management structure of the organization
  • Design coordination and development systems
  • Plan the transition and implementation of the new design
  • Conduct the post implementation review

The purpose of the design process is to create and successfully implement a streamlined and effective organizational design perfectly aligned with the organization's philosophy and desired results.

We link everything we do to company’s business objectives and key result metrics and document a return on your training or consulting investment. Our purpose is to help your organization become high performing, performance is a process not an event, so you can achieve:

  • Increased profitability and Reduced operating costs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Improved efficiency and cycle time
  • A culture of commitment, trust, and collaboration among your employees
  • Top-notch corporate governance rating

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