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In the current highly competitive market, enormous customer demands and very dynamic business environment, sustainable high performance rides on the trail of well-articulated corporate and business strategy.

Your institution will become sustainable high performing if all its activities are driven by strategy. Thus, every institution must understand where it stands now, where it is headed as a corporate body, and how it wants to get there. This whole scenario is the organizational strategy. The institution must then make a critical decision of what business process it would focus on to help it get there. This is its business strategy. Finally, the institution must determine what resources would help it functionally deliver what it has promised. This explains why strategies are usually developed by the senior leaders of an organization. Every discrete part of the organization must thereafter formulate its own strategies and ensure that these strategies are fully integrated to the business strategy. The business strategy should in turn link to the organizational strategy.

TDI has successfully helped clients navigate these paths. We are not only involved at the corporate and the business levels but we also design the implementation process that translates these strategies into operational terms for execution by management and operational staff.

Furthermore, our ‘focused training’ programs help to train our client’s personnel, thus placing the “right person in the right place” TM, to ensure an over all success of our strategic plan. Also, where training a client’s personnel requires an extended period of training, TDI’s Executive Placement team temporarily puts their skilled personnel in positions while the client’s staff is being training. This allows for both structured and on-the-job training for the client’s personnel.

TDI’ Strategic format:

  • Interact with the senior leadership team of the institution to clarify, validate or determine the strategic direction
  • Draw up the strategic framework that defines the vision, mission, strategic objectives, value proposition, corporate goals and responsibilities, critical success factors, key performance measurements and strategic themes of the institution. The strategic themes are details of the key areas in which the institution must excel in order to achieve its mission and vision, and deliver value to customers. This framework precedes the strategy map.
  • Prepare the strategy map. This is a one-page representation of the corporate goals into four perspectives that include the financial, Customer, Process and Learning and Growth, in a course-and-effect relationship, with ultimate link to the corporate vision. Leaders normally emphasize the important of the strategy map by displaying copied in the boardroom and corporate offices. This acts as a reminder to all that the institution s strategy driven.
  • Implement appropriate performance measurement and management systems to ensure that our implemented strategy delivers the promised sustainable high performance. Our balanced scorecard system mirrors the strategy map.

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